1. It’s oktober. In 19 days ik going to run my first marathon. Omg. What happend with the time? So nerveus and exited!!!! Just a couple of weeks to go!

  4. I love the fall. All my favorite fruit and veggies are in season! Just had my first fesh fig of the year :)

  6. runsonpizza:

    DennisĀ Kimetto broke the marathon world record this morning at the Berlin Marathon running a 2:02:57

    (via katesrunning)

  7. Nomnomnom I love carbs haha. And pumpkin is back!!!! Could use some delicious food after my run :)

  8. Guys I did it! Omg I’m so proud and I feel like a champion! Everything went perfect and I’m sure my marathon is going to be just fine.

  9. Oats, banana, dried fig and the last raspberries for breakfast. Going to run for a long time today so I could use some power!


  10. After a failed run last week I’m super super super nervous about tomorrow. It’s big run day and I have to do the longest run before the marathon. That is going to be 30-35km. I’m scared and nervous and omg I just hope it goes well because it would really give me some kind of faith that the marathon is going to be just fine. I know I can do it, I just have to believe it.