1. First day of school was so much fun! It’s great to meet people who are a bit like me :) hopefully I can talk a bit more to them tomorrow and I’m also having my first real lesson! Hopefully I can learn a little bit from them

  2. gain-more-now:

    Every freaking time!

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  4. Yes!!!!! I’m so happy! It was hard but I was with this little runners pack and they helped me keep this pace and I’m so so so happy with it because it’s a huge Personal Record. Good day, good run. I love running so much haha.

  5. Well in about 1.5 hours this is going to be me

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  7. I don’t remember having a bowl of oats this big haha. Usually I go for 20-30grams of oats but this is 40! Also added 1 tsp of chia seeds, one frozen banana and 3 dried figs. I once read chia seeds are used by a lot of (really) long distance runners so hopefully this breakfast helps me a little bit! Being sick and not running as much as I normaly would makes me nervous but with a breakfast like this nothing can go wrong ;)


  8. I need to sleep but my brain tells me to RUN RUN RUN!!
    A bit to early tho haha.


  10. Tomorrow I’m going to run my second half marathon! It’s crazy it’s just part of my training for the full marathon but I’m still really exited! Also a bit nervous because the past two weeks i’ve been sick but I hope it will be oke :)