1. fitblrs: you should only do cardio 3x a week at most!!!!!
    2. trackies, marathoners, basically every runner ever: lol
    3. lifters: whats a cardio?
  2. back home! Very short but interesting day at school about biologie and genetic modification


  5. Not every run is going to be perfect and mine today was far from it. My new belt did not work and after 5km I had to turn around and go back. Lucky my long runs did go well before and I still have one left. But I do feel bad :( I wanted to do the perfect 30km run today but that did not happen. Hopefully more luck next time


  6. Last glass of beet juice and then it’s time to test it! Will I run better?


  8. Long long day at work so pretty tired now haha. Tomorrow another really long distance! About 30km again. My legs are a bit sore tho and I’m a bit worried about that so time to relax and I’m going to bed early :)

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  9. Nomnomnom apple pie oats, ready for a long day at work!