4. Wow what a workout! Piloxing was a lot of fun and very very exausting! I love it! Hopefully I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow haha. Sweet Dreams everyone!

  5. Tofu salad for lunch :) yay for being a vegetarian!

  6. Tofu salad for lunch :) yay for being a vegetarian!

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    "Run the day before the day runs you" This gorgeous shot is courtesy of @thrphoto

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  8. Good morning my tumblr friends! :) The sun is shining and it is time to start another great day! I do feel a little bit nauseous (made peanut butter for my sister yesterday and could not help myself to lick the bowl, not a great idea when you are intolerant haha) but still: it is a great morning. Usually I would go and workout in the morning but today I’m going to workout straight after work because I want to follow a piloxing class, a combination of boxing and pilates! I have been to pilates before but never to a boxing class and I’m so exited! Hope it’s going to be a lot of fun! Now it is time to make some breakfast :)

  9. Oats, frozen banana and blueberries nom nom nom

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    A week of milepost inspiration because TRACk STARTS TOMORROW!!

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