1. For the first time I did a full leg training! Quite enjoyed it but I am kind of dead now haha. The only thing that was that there was this very muscled guy and I don’t know if it was what he really ment but he made me feel like I was still fat and that I still had a long way to go…. But I’m not going to let me down! I look good and I did well, I just have to believe in myself and it will all be oke.

  2. Maby not the best picture but nomnomnom oats, blueberries, mango and two macadamia nuts

  3. Hellloooooo!!! I’m up quite early again and everyone in my house is still asleep. I’m waiting for them to wake up so we can eat breakfast and go to the gym :)

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    Running: the sport that makes you so hungry you’re often in danger of eating your own fist. That poor sandwich never stood a chance.

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    I go through at least two pairs a year, and knowing your stuff when going to buy running shoes definitely makes a HUGE difference. 

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  9. Very good run! It was very nice with lots of sun but not too hot. I did 10km and I was pretty fast as well! Great way to start my day :) now it’s time for breakfast and then work. Have a nice day!


  10. Why did I wanted to wake up early? Oke, the sun is shining and I’m ready to go: Let’s do this!